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Re: Need compliance assistance programs contact info -Reply

Contact Thelma Codina at (312)
886-6219, Region 5's TRI Program
Manager, for compliance assistance on
Emergency Planning and Community
Righ-to-Know Act Section 313 (Form R
Reporting or commonly known as TRI).
The Region conducts at least 6 free TRI
compliance assistance every year (at
least one for each of the Region's State).

08/11/97 08:02am >>>

Illinois Small Business Environmental
Assistance Program
IL Dept. of Commerce & Community
620 East Adams
Springfield, IL 62701

Helpline: 800/252-3998 (in IL)
Outside IL 217/524-0168
Fax: 217/785-6328

Contacts: Mark Enstrom/Annette Lingleo