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Re: oil industry in Russia

Dave Allen and I put together workshop materials for pollution prevention
in petroleum refining for the Illinois EPA.  They consist of overhead
pages with accompanying speaker's notes for each overhead and are meant to
cover a 12-hour workshop.  You should be able to get a copy from Tom
Wallin at 217-785-8387.  There's an extensive bibliography at the end of
the package for p2 in refining.  I think these materials are free. 

A really good source for p2 in refining info is API's "Waste Minimization 
in the Petroleum Industry:  A Compendium of Practices."  It covers 
exploration and production as well as refining and it's just got a lot of 
really practical information.  API is in Washington DC and the report 
number on my copy is 849-00020, but I believe they've changed their 
numbering system so that might have changed.

It's important to recognize that refineries are enormously complex with
interrelated streams.  Also, each refinery is unique - the crude, the
product slate, the age of the refinery, and a whole bunch of other factors
make it impossible to apply successful p2 techniques from one refinery to
refineries in general.  Except for things like reducing solids loading to
the WWTU and reducing fugitive emissions.... 

At any rate, I would point at least the workshop materials (because they
are free and I'm assuming your contact is strapped for cash) and possibly
the API document to your contact in Russia.  

Good luck.  

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
Process Profiles
P.O. Box 8264
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Janet wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Prof. Mikhailova, a toxicologist working for the state in Tyumen, Russia,
> is very interested in connecting with technical people who understand the
> oil extraction, transport, and refinement issues and technologies. She is
> interested in policy and technical information about standards, monitoring,
> fines, biotesting as a guage, etc.
> They are starting from a situation of old and unimaginably extensive
> spills, and therefore want information about environmental and health
> impacts and concentration standards for spilled crude and various products
> of its breakdown. Although not asking for it yet, could we also offer p2
> tips for the industry.  
> Thanks for anything you could send.  They are not on email yet, so I can
> fax to them any contact information or other stuff from this listserver.  I
> will also search the archives.
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