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Re: Root Cause Analysis

I have been teaching root cause analysis as the principal problem solving tool 
in P2 assessments for the past 11 years.  There is an article on root cause 
analysis in POLLUTION PREVENTION REVIEW (John Wiley&  Sons) Summer, 1996, pages 
100-105.  For those of you who have attended one of my training sessions, you 
know that the cause and effect diagram is the most widely used problem solving 
tool in the entire world.  Root cause analysis is a key component of the Systems 
Approach to Pollution Prevention as I have been using it.  While root cause 
analysis is not common to most environmental problems, it is widely used in 
quality management and manufacturing efficiency studies.  Your contact can call 
me at any time.

Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D.
Cambridge Environmental Inc.
58 Charles ST.
Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 225-0812
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