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P2 and Construction

US EPA Region 9 has a comprehensive Training Instructors' Guide for the
Residential Construction Industry. Even though it's meant for educators,
there is alot of information in it. I can email it if you like. It also
contains State of California Fact Sheets on demolition, recycling
construction waste products, and other checklists.

Another useful document is "Resource Efficient Building: Reducing Materials
Use, Toxicity and Waste In Design and Construction", created by WRITAR in
Minnesota. Their phone number is 612-379-5995.

Karen Sundheim (GCI)
US EPA Region 9 Library
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, California  94105

Phone: 415-744-1508
Fax: 415-744-1474
Email: Sundheim.Karen@epamail.epa.gov