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RE: Lead Acid Battery Disposal

At 200 batteries a month one has to ask the question why are they going 
bad?  I would question how good the batteries are in the first place and 
also look into how they are used and maintained.  There are several vendors 
of recharges using trickle and/or pulse charging to extend battery life. 
 Look into the use/cycling of the battery, by changing operating cycles 
they could extend the life.  Do they test the battery, or assume that every 
X months they need to be replaced?

Hopefully this is useful and P2Tech isn't seen as the preachings of 
disciples of Bob Pojasek

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Working with an alarm company that generates about 200 lead acid
batteries per month.  The 12 volt batteries are about 4" inch square and
are 4 or 7 amp.  I'm trying some waste exchanges, but thought I'd post in
case anyone had any ideas.  Thanks.

Jeffery Halsey
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