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Re: Green opportunity turns brown

Margaret Reich Nover wrote:
> It has come to my attention that one of the suppliers of post-consumer
> paper is no longer going to offer the paper for sale.  International
> Paper, which produces both Unity (Hammermill) and Incentive 100
> (Springhill) paper is discontinuing these lines.  These paper products
> are preferred because they contain 100% recycled, 50% post-consumer paper
> content, and the paper used is produced using secondarily chlorine free
> process.  The paper works well in fax, printer, and copy machines.
> Information I have received indicates that the IP mill in Pennsylvania,
> which produces the paper, is in substantial compliance with environmental
> regulations.
> I am concerned that this supplier of environmentally preferrable paper is
> planning to discontinue these lines starting October 1st.  This will
> impact the good work we all pursue in terms of "walking our talk" with
> the purchasing of green alternatives.
> If you share this concern, write to:
>         Rick Smith, Vice President
>         Printing and Office Paper
>         Hammermill
>         6400 Poplar Avenue
>         Memphis, TN  38197
> and let him know!
> Margaret Nover
> Portland Pollution Prevention
> PS.  Wish I had an email address for Rick, but I don't.

I went to their internet site at
and got this information:

Hammermill Papers
                                   6400 Poplar Avenue
                                   Memphis, TN 38197-7000
                                   Phone: 1-800-242-2148
                                   Fax: 1-800-724-6528


Do any other manufacturers plan to step in a take up the slack?

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