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RE: Roof Cleaning

Wouldn't thin metal sheathing of roofs (instead 
of asphalt shingles) solve several pollution 
problems?  Metal would be more durable, 
potentially lasting many decades beyond 
the typical life of shingles.   Metal would 
provide the light color needed for energy 
conservation.   Metal would not host mildew or 
fungus, and even if it did, it could easily be 
washed off.    The metal could be finished to not 
shine into neighbors faces.

Metal manufacturing does pollute, but the 
long-term durability may mean less pollution over 
the entire lifecycle.

Asphalt manufacturing is a terribly polluting 
activity, and should be kept to a minimum.    The 
grit, colors, treatments, and other additives 
could also create potential pollution problems.

For example,  a new incinerator is being built in 
Neenah, Wisconsin, to burn waste sludges from 
four large paper industries.   The bottom 
"clinkers" will be processed into the tiny grit 
added to shingles.   The sludge contains a 
variety of contaminants, including many toxic 
metals which could end up in the grit.   The 
company is called Minergy, and they call their 
facility a "glass aggregate plant" not an 
incinerator.   Several similar projects are also 
proposed to handle other wastes in our area.

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