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Re: New List Servers -- Mercury Reduction and Local Government

Lisa-Please add my name to the 'local Gov't P2 Issues' list, Thanx,
Pete Goudreau

>We have started two new list servers!
>        1.  P2 and Mercury Reduction
>        2.  Local Government P2 Issues
>If you would be interested in discussing mercury reduction or communicating
>with other local government officials, please let me know and I will add you
>to the appropriate list.  If you want more information about the lists, I
>would also be happy to provide it.
>Administrative messages should be sent to <listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu>.
>Mercury reduction questions should be sent to <gltech@great-lakes.net>.
>Local government questions should be sent to <gllocal@great-lakes.net>.
>Lisa C. Morrison                        listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
>List Manager                            217.244.6061 (v)
>IL Waste Management and Research Ctr.   217.333.8944 (f)
>One East Hazelwood Dr.                  Champaign, Illinois 61820