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Journal of Industrial Ecology

Dear members of the P2Tech list:

I am the editor of a new publication, the Journal of Industrial Ecology. I'm writing to let you know about its availability, because I hope that you will contribute articles as authors and participate in the journal as reviewers and subscribers.

The journal, which is edited at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and published by the MIT Press For Yale University, is an international, multi-disciplinary quarterly designed to foster understanding and practice in this emerging field.

Industrial ecology systematically examines local, regional and global materials and energy uses and flows in products, processes, industrial sectors, and entire economies. It focuses on the potential role that corporations can play in protecting the environment by incorporating environmental considerations in product and process design.

Industrial ecology shares much with pollution prevention -- interest in toxics use reduction, design for environment, attention to materials choice and to a lesser extent closing of materials loops and life cycle planning, design and assessment. (Industrial ecology is somewhat more focused on systems level analyses at the life cycle, sector, regional or national level and somewhat less focused on unit industrial processes than pollution prevention.) Based on what I have seen on the P2Tech list, there is much productive sharing and collaboration to be had.

JIE's premiere issue, published in May, demonstrates the breadth of this developing discipline, with articles on topics such as:
- Lead and Electric Vehicles
- Limits to Life-Cycle Impact Assessment
- Chlorine Flows and the Environment
- The Kalundborg Industrial Ecosystem
- Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology
- Organic Cotton at Patagonia
- Design for Environment at Motorola
Also included are reviews of the latest publications in industrial ecology.

For a look at the complete contents of the first issue, see the journal's web page at

This web page also contains information on subscribing, instructions for authors, article abstracts, a sample article, and online letters to the editor.

Program on Solid Waste Policy
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale University
205 Prospect Street
New Haven,CT 06511-2106
203-432-3253 (telephone)
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