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Re: Post-Consumer Recycled Paper


Increased consumer demand seems one clear strategy.  Besides you feds we
need to get all of government demanding this paper and we need to educate
businesses and the general public.  Also of concern to me is finding ways to
encourge use of recycled materials versus harveting trees.  Especialy trees
from half way around the world.  Apparently transportation costs are not
prohibitive.  does the Forbes article consider the environmental costs of
using this cheaper pulp?  Also, has consumer demand for recycled content
paper actually declined?

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>"Forbes" September 8, 1997 issue has a brief article regarding financing
>pulp mills which touches upon the theme discussed here the last week.  The
>article includes a chart of 7 pulp mills built with tax-exempt bonds, all
>of which are in default or close to it.  Four of the mills are closed.
>Forbes attributes this "costly lesson for bondholders" to cyclical price
>fluctuations in the pulp market.  Virgin hardwood pulp from Indonesia has
>flooded the market, says Forbes, undercutting the de-inked pulp by 25%.
>The governmental demand for paper with 30% recycled content is apparently
>not enough to offset this price differential.  While it may seem like we
>feds churn out more, our paper use is less than 5% of the national total, I
>have been told.  Short of direct subsidization of de-inked  pulp (which
>just ain't gonna happen), what is YOUR idea for dealing with this issue?
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