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Re: INFOTERRA: HCl + H2SO4 pickle liquors waste mgmt with ze

I have done some work with the EPA Common Sense Initiative (Iron and Steel) 
regarding the recycling of pickle liquor.  There is a process for removing scale 
from wire that uses NO pickle liquor.  It is based on ultrasonices or some other 
physical means.  I am currently at Edwards Air Force Base on a pollution 
prevention assignment.  I will post information on this system when I return to 
my office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  During the work with the EPA project, 
several firms derived means for drastically reducing the use of pickle liquor 
BEFORE recycling.  Some macho engineers like to design large systems and did not 
try to reduce the amounts before implementing recycling.  Very interesting.

Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D.
Cambridge Environmental Inc.
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