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Re: Green opportunity turns brown

I don't think anyone on this list should condemn 
themselves for not working hard enough to promote 
the Hammermill Unity paper.   Several 
local, regional and national groups tried to encourage 
citizen and government purchases of this paper.  

The real problem is that paper companies give too little effort 
BROKERING paper products which have better 
environmental characteristics.   I don't recall 
seeing International Paper ads for the Hammermill 
Unity line of paper....)
Was the Hammermill Unity paper accessible to 
consumers?   Was it stocked in office supply 
stores?   I don't ever remember seeing it there.

Many preferable products are 
not promoted or stocked aggressively. 
A few do-gooders can't begin to match the 
negative effect of sexy corporate advertising which 
encourages people to buy chlorine-bleached paper, 
plastic junk, gas-hog vehicles, chemical foods, 
and every other glossy, colorful, wasteful piece 
of nonsense our degenerate culture dreams up.

It just happens that International Paper 
Company (one of the world's largest paper 
corporations) is NOTa friend to the totally-chlorine-free 
paper movement.    They are one of the most 
pushy companies BLOCKING citizen efforts.

It's ironic that so many environmentalists 
worked so hard to promote Hammermill Unity 
paper as a processed chlorine free product.  

It wouldn't surprise me at all if IP is closing 
this one mill to try to make the (false) point that "the 
consumer doesn't want recycled  or non-chlorine 
products," in order to undercut citizen efforts 
to build consumer awareness.

Unfortunately, the public buys what they're told 
to buy, and they can only buy what's available. 

Is it possible that the reason why the product line is being discontinued,
is because people do not purchase it.  Maybe encouraging others to purchase
the material will help create a market, and then this becomes a wise
business decision for the company to continue making what the market wants.  

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