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cryogenic stripping of powder coated hooks and racks

I am looking for information regarding the costs and benefits of removing
powder coatings from hooks and racks using a burn-off oven versus
cryogenic/mechanical stripping?  As I understand it, the burn off process
can be expensive from an energy standpoint.  Does anyone have other
information regading operating and capital costs of these two types of
stripping approaches?  As far as I can see, cryogenic stripping follow by
some type of mechanical removal process (blasting, tumbling, whatever) would
appear to be environmentally preferable to a burn-off oven.

I searched P2 tech and the WWW but did not find this type of detailed info.  

Tim Greiner

PS:  Check out a new search engine called at www.northernlight.com -- they
have a number of proprietary trade journal articles on the site that are
available free until September 11th.  I found lots of coatings related
articles in my searches there.  Furthermore, the way they presented thier
search results in folders was very helpful.

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