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re: metal finishing effluent limits


U.S. EPA's effluent limits for metal finishing can be found in 40 CFR 433-Metal Finishing Point
Source Category.  You can visit the National Metal Finishing Resource Center at
www.nmfrc.org for a PDF file of the rule.  Go to "Compliance Assistance", then "Regulations".
You can probably also search U.S. EPA's website. 

Summary of new source performance standards (NSPS) and pretreatment standards for new
sources (PSNS) follows:

Pollutant                      1 Day Maximum (mg/l)                     Monthly Avg.(mg/l)
Cd                                0.11                                               0.07
Cr                                 2.77                                               1.71
Cu                                3.38                                                2.07
Pb                                0.69                                                0.43
Ni                                 3.98                                                2.38
Ag                                0.43                                                0.24
Zn                                 2.61                                               1.48 
Cn                                1.2                                                  0.65
Total Toxic Org.             2.13                                                   ---
Oil & Grease                 52                                                    26
Total Suspended            60                                                    31

(note:  Oil & gease and total suspended solids for NSPS only)

Be sure to check applicabiliy section.  Some job-shop electroplaters may be covered under
the Electroplating Point Source Category. Also, U.S. EPA is currently working on the Metal
Products and Machinery Point Source Category (40 CFR 438).  Many metal finishers will fall
under this rule in the future which will likely result in more stringent limits for some pollutants.

And, local limits established by publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs) will also apply.

Hope this helps!

Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
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