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Re: Need Information, Please Help...

>>> ROBERT SINGLETON <SINGLETON.ROBERT@epamail.epa.gov> 09/04 9:05 AM >>>
Dear P2 Techies,

I am trying to make a guide for finding
resources on pollution prevention.   This
is not some grandiose publication.  It is
just a guide that will help the layman
find information about pollution
prevention.  In this guide I would like to
provide web sites, magazines,
government publications, state and
local agencies, books, and maybe
valuable contacts.  In writing this I have
stumbled across a few guides that are
industry specific.  I might include
information on obtaining industry
specific P2 programs.  But I think that
might be going beyond the scope of this
If you know of any good resources for
finding information on pollution
prevention please send it to me.  I will
be most gracious.


Robert C. Singleton III
Graduate Intern
US Environmental Protection Agency
Tufts University
Dept. of Civil and Environmental

Sounds like the "Pollution Prevention Directory." The latest version I have is from Sept '94, EPA 742-B-94-005.
There is probably a more recent copy, but this publication includes everything you mentioned in your email (besides websites).  Good luck

Thomas R. Maves
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