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Re: PVC production

You asked about clean production of PVC and that you are interested in 
assessing its environmental impacts, and I think I can help with the 
environmental impacts part of your question.

The environmental impacts of PVC are partly tied up in the chlorine 
chain -- I think you might find several articles in the first few issues 
of the Journal of Industrial Ecology interesting.  

Incineration at end-of-life is a concern because of the potential for 
dioxin releases.  A manufacturer's group called CAMP, Inc. in Cleveland, 
Ohio has done and is doing a lot of projects on PVC-related issues and I 
think you should contact Joe and Mary Chadbourne -- they are really 
knowledgeable and should be able to help you.  They are at 
voice 216/543-7303
fax 216/543-7160
e-mail mary.chadbourne@camp.org or joseph.chadbourne@camp.org

There's a major, global conference on vinyl coming up soon in Cleveland.  
Mark Leskey at 330-376-6500 is the contact for that -- sorry but I don't 
have anything but his phone number.  I understand it's a manufacturer's 

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
Process Profiles
P.O. Box 8264
Calabasas, CA 91372-8264


> > Dear p2techs! > 
> I ask again for your help in the following question. 
> A company is interested in knowing new possibilities on clean production
> of PVC and its alternatives because they want to do a study about its
> environmental impact.
> Any information will be helpful. 
> Thanking in advance for your help.
> Best regards,
> Esther Monfa
> Centre for Cleaner Production Initiatives
> Travessera de Gracia, 56, 4
> 08006 Barcelona (Spain)
> e-mail: prodneta@cipn.es
> fax: +34 3 4144582