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Re: Slag Abrasives

This slag abrasive sounds like a product being 
marketed in Neenah, Wisconsin, by a company called Minergy 

They just built a 1,000 ton per day incinerator 
to burn sludge from 6 different pulp and paper 
mills in the vicinity of Neenah.

They call it a "Glass Aggregate" plant and intend 
to market tiny granules produced under a 
priopriety process from the waste slag at the 
bottom of the incinerator.

Our group is challenging this plant in court 
because it is built on top of Public Trust lands 
(fill land in a public water body.)   We are also 
opposed to this as a major new source of toxic 
air pollution in an already polluted area.

And finally, we're concerned about potential 
contamination which could end up in the "glass 
aggregate" from the waste paper sludges.   Some 
of the paper companies are deinking plants where 
the inks, dyes, pigments and coatings are removed 
from incoming waste paper to be recycled, and 
these contaminants could result in contamination in the 
slag of the incinerator.   Some of the sludge 
comes from chlorinated paper bleaching or 
delignification processes, and could leave 
chlorinated organic chemical residues on the 

I'm not so sure this kind of granule would be 
healthy for sand blasting workers to breathe 
either.   Besides, the slag results from melted 
clays (glossy paper coatings) turned into silica-based glass ---- 
which might also produce silicosis in workers.

From:          "Mike Keefe" <keefem@psinet.com>
To:            "P2TECH" <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
Subject:       Slag Abrasives
Date:          Thu, 4 Sep 1997 14:26:09 -0600
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I have a question about blasting media that was posed to me today and I
welcome input on an answer...

Conventional blasting media for paint removal is sand, which can pose a
risk of silicosis workers.  A company is promoting a "slag abrasive" as a
safer, environmentally friendly alternative to sand.  Any P2TECHies heard
about this or have a comment?


Michaek Keefe
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