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RE: Need Information, Please Help...

Come visit NJTAP's home page (http://www.njit.edu/njtap).The site contains
lilnks to other sites, general P2 information, detailed outlines of two
college courses, success stories, and the text of SIC guidebooks.  The site also
hosts an integrated database of New Jersey's industries and theie reported 
use and releases of hazardous chemicals under federal and state reporting 
requirements.  The most unique and, we hope, useful feature of the site is
the EnviroDaemon, a search engine dedicated to finding P2 information on the 
Internet.  If your generic search engines are returning mind-numbing lists of
"hits," most of which are unrelated to P2, you might want to try EnviroDaemon 
to find a manageable number of hits that are more likely to be germane.

The project sounds like a good one.  Good luck with it.  Keep us posted,
especially if you dig up some interesting gems.

Bruce R Herrick