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Re: Battery Recyclers

This comes from a colleague of mine:

    Here's a lead on battery recycling. Perhaps you could forward to
whomever sent the message.  I can't tell who it is from.

   Below is the national industry group which is setting up the 
system for recycling NiCads nationwide; they are now expanding into
Canada.  Just about every manufacturer of NiCads in the country is a

     Rechargeable Battery Recycling Coalition
     4210 NW 37th Place, Ste. 400
     Gainsville, FL 32606
     Phone:  352-376-5135
     FAX:    352-376-6658
     Email:  rbrc@aol.com     

        The RBRC has an Eastern and Western Regional Office.    
RBRCcan send you a list of battery recyclers.  

        Any interest in reducing the generation of waste lead/acids
through the use of solar/pulse technology?  These batteries should be
outlasting the vehicle, and not being discarded.  We are not doing
nearly enough on batttery P2.
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