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HyperSolv -Reply

Do you have more information on HyperSolv (Vendor name, phone
number), chemical composition, and for what types of applications of
1-1-1-Trichlorethane it is designed to replace?  I'm also looking for a
substitute for this (used in a Silicone dispersion).

Susan Roothaan
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, MC-112
Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling
PO Box 13087
Austin, Texas  78711-3087
phone: (512) 239-3186
fax: (512) 239-3165
e-mail: sroothaa@tnrcc.state.tx.us

Dear P2Tech,
Anybody know any companies that are using HyperSolv?
It is designed to be a "drop-in" replacement for 1,1,1-Trichloroethane   
(Methyl chloroform).
I have a company that is considering making the switch from 1,1,1 to
and they would like to talk to a company that has used HyperSolv.
Any information would be appreciated, and you or the company can
me in any way that is convenient to you.

Peter T. Moulton
Division of Technical Services, Bureau of Remediation
State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station #17
Augusta, ME  04333
tel. 207-287-8161   Fax. 207-287-7826
case (upper or lower) does not matter on email address