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Re: Vendor database

Richard Rusk wrote:
> There is a vendor database on the web at
> http://es.inel.gov/cgi-bin/vendinfo.pl
> Also, I just got a letter in the mail for a free magazine named Pollution
> Prevention Equipment or something similar.  I haven't received it yet but
> other P2Tech members may be able to comment on its value.

I submitted my website and information to Envirosense many months ago,
and have never seen it on the site.  I even gave them a link from my

If you check out how long it's been since they updated their site (Jan
9, 1997), and their vendor database (Jan 12, 1996!!!!!), you might get a
sense of how little the webmasters are maintaining the data.

I sent an email asking them when they would update everything, and when
I get an answer, I'll share it with the group.

Anyone know why they are ignoring their website?

Gerard Forgnone
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