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Re: P2 lesson

Ted W Moss wrote:
> I have had success in using a teaching tool with jr high students that you may
> want to
> consider.  To ensure all students can participate I picked a process (Making
> Coffee)
> that everyone can relate to...yet the analytical process translates well to
> developing
> P2 solutions on the shop floor.  I tell the students that I own a Coffee Shop
> that serves
> coffee in disposal cups.  My shop also uses disposable sugar and cream
> packages,
> and disposable stirrers.   My shop batches the coffee, and leaves the pot on
> the burner
> after brewing.  I give them electrical cost data, cost for individual serving
> packets versus
>  single point of use containers for sugar, cream, and water cost.
> I have the students identify all the inputs and outputs to the process.  Then,
> I ask them
> to brainstorm ways to reduce waste and expenses.
> The solution they develop is:
>      Store the brewed coffee in a thermal carafe
>      Turn the coffeemaker off after the brewing cycle
>      Replace the disposable items with multiple use items.
> Please feel free to Email me if you would like additional details on exercise.
> I have
> used this tool with 2 classes very successfully
> Regards,
> Ted Moss
> Eli Lilly and Company

We aslo make the coffee in the lessons.
Have a look at:
How coffee-making can help one to understand cleaner production
in: J. Cleaner production, Vol.4 No 3-4, pp 213-217

Hans Schnitzer