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Re: RE:HyperSolv -Reply

Janice, thanks for the information on the two manufacturers.
>The EPA has communicated that they intend to propose SNAP approval >of   
By the way, what is meant by "SNAP approval".
When I look up SNAP in my April 1994 edition (the latest?) of EPA's   
"Terms of Environment: Glossary, Abbreviations, and Acronyms" (50 pages)   
it gives me "Significant Noncompliance Action Program" (p. 49, column 2).   
 Somehow this does not sound quite right, but I could be wrong.  When it   
comes to EPA abbreviations I am not an SME (Subject Matter Expert) (p.   
49, col. 2).  It is outside my SOW (Scope of Work) (p. 49, col 2).

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Hypersolv is the trade name (for Great Lakes Chemical Co.) for normal   
bromide [n-PB]  a solvent which has essentially the same distillation   
solvent properties as does 1,1,1 Trichloroethane.  Albemarle Corporation
produces the same product under the trade name Abzol.  This new choice in
cleaning solvents allows you to avoid the
expense of compliance with  NESHAP.

The EPA has communicated that they intend to propose SNAP approval of   
 This will be done within the next few months.  There will be two   
of use: (1) 100 ppm exposure limit,
and (2) protective equipment required to avoid skin contact.

Two US manufacturers are Great Lakes Chemical (West Lafayette, IN) and
Albemarle Chemical (Baton Rouge, LA).  Contact  numbers are as follows:

Great Lakes Chemical Co (GLCC):  (317) 497-6100
Albemarle Corp:  (504) 388-7040

Janice Baker
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