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Re: P2 Lesson

I have just started working on a lesson for middle school kids
and need some
>information. I am looking for some data that quantifies the
>impact of a typical American lifestyle in terms kids can
understand. For
>example, "It takes an average of four acres of farmland to
feed an average
>American family of four for a year" or "For every mile
travelled by an
>American car, $40 tax dollars are spent maintaining roads
and bridges." (Note
>that these "facts" are EXAMPLES of the type of information
I want and are not
>true statistics!)
>Has anyone seen a compendium of info like this?
>Mark Boylan
>22 Executive Park Court
>Germantown MD  20875

A comment about the type of information you are looking for:
We often hear facts about the environmental impact of
various activities in which we Americans engage. These stats
are interesting and thought provoking. Our consumption of
material and energy per capita is truly very high. However, we
rarely hear corresponding facts about the positive results of
US economic activity, and there are many. 
For example, how much of the world's supply of food does
the US produce? How much of the medicine and how many
lives are saved by that medicine? How much of the total
amount of the world's goods does the US produce? How
many jobs in Mexico, China and other poor countries with
high populations are dependant on exports to the
consumer-oriented US?  

It would be prudent to give kids as accurate a picture as
possible of the effects of our activities. The high level of use
of material and energy in the US has both positive and 
negative effects. 

Albert U. Tieche
226 Capitol Blvd., Suite 606
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