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Re: HyperSolv -Reply -Reply

Beyond the Absol and HyperSolv products, does anyone know of other
1-1-1-trichloroethane substitutes that fit the following: 

Need material with similar solvent properties (in particular evaporation
rate).  Want to exclude any substitutes that are (1) extremely flammable,
(2) explosive, or (3) carcinogenic/mutagenic.  

We have searched the web extensively and are in the process of using
various federal facility information clearinghouses.  Other input/ideas
would be appreciated.

Susan Roothaan
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, MC-112
Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling
PO Box 13087
Austin, Texas  78711-3087
phone: (512) 239-3186
fax: (512) 239-3165
e-mail: sroothaa@tnrcc.state.tx.us