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Re: HyperSolv -Reply

>What is the flash point of n-propyl bromide?

The flash point for 1-bromopropane (CAS No. 106-94-5) is 21 C (closed cup)
(see : http://safety.hoseo.ac.kr/MSDS/B/1-BROMOPROPANE).  The Environmental
Chemicals Data Information Network gives a flash point of 25 C for the same
liquid (see : http://ulisse.etoit.eudra.org/Ecdin/Ecdin.html).

Janice Baker said earlier that ABZOL from Albemarle is also n-propyl
bromide.  But Albemarle state that their ABZOL cleaners have no flash point
! (see : http://www.albemarle.com/abzol.htm).

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