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P2 Week 1997

Pollution Prevention Week 1997 is here! Have you decided how you are going to
celebrate?  For those of you who are holding activities in honor of P2 Week -
KUDOS to you!  For those of you who are not able to coordinate a P2 Week
event this year, there is still time to get involved.  Try sharing the
following basic P2 tips with your neighbors.  

P2 IN THE HOME - Hot Tip for Saving Energy:

€ 	Turn your water heater down. Most households do not have a need for
extremely hot water!  Turning your water heater - usually the homešs second
largest energy user - down to 120 degrees can save a lot of energy, and money
too (up to $50 a year).

P2 IN THE GARDEN -  Helpful Gardening Technique:

€ 	Eliminate bothersome snails by turning your garden into a ŗbeer garden.˛
This guaranteed snail catcher is easy as filling a shallow pan with beer,
sinking it to ground level, and picking them out in the morning.

P2 ON THE ROAD - P2 Car Tips:

€ 	Maintain your car. A car that isnšt properly tuned produces 10-15 times
more air pollution than a well-running vehicle. Have your car inspected
regularly and repair all leaks promptly. Help maintain your caršs optimum
fuel efficiency and put gas money back in your pocket by keeping your tires
properly inflated.

There are lots of ways for households to practice pollution, the above list
is just a sample of the possibilities. To order the complete version of a
free Household P2 factsheet, contact the Local Government Commission at
<lgc.p2@bbs.macnexus.org>.  Remember - together, pollution prevention works!