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RE: P2 reg integration/water/NPDES permitting


A while back RTI did some work for OAQPS where we identified examples of
P2 getting worked into different stages of state permits for air, water
and stormwater from the pre-permit stages all the way through the
enforcement stage. Maybe some of these examples will give you some

The paper can be found at OAQPSs web site:
http://www.epa.gov/ttncaaa1/title5/test_t5pg.html (unfortunately,
there's not a direct link to the document, so you'll have to scroll down
to find the document "State Experience Integrating P2 into Permits" --
its available in word perfect or PDF format). If that doesn't work, let
me know and I'll email or snailmail you a copy.

One area that we didn't focus on much was the issue of writing the
regulations to ensure that P2 can be used for compliance (or even is
outright encouraged). This would be a great area for collaboration
between compliance offices and the rule-writers!

Melissa Malkin

Melissa Malkin
Pollution Prevention Program
Research Triangle Institute
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> Subject: 	P2 reg integration/water/NPDES permitting
> Hi...I work in the Pennsylvania Office of Pollution Prevention and
> Compliance 
> Assistance and am currently reviewing regulatory packages for P2
> potentials. I 
> was wondering if any other states have successfully integrated
> Pollution 
> Prevention into state level regulations on
> 1. NPDES permitting
> 2. Wasteload Management
> 3. permitting of treatment works designs.
> I would be particularly interested in any use of incentives for doing
> pollution 
> prevention rather than prescriptive approaches.
> Thanks, Dee Lehman
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