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Re: RV: labs toxic waste criteria

At 09:59 AM 9/17/97 PDT, you wrote:
>> Date: Martes 16 de Septiembre de 1997 14:16:07 
>> From: florenzo
>> To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
>> Subject: labs toxic waste criteria
>> Is there any EPA criteria to determine if a waste from a lab should be
>> considered as hazardous.  Thanks/Fátima
Lab wastes fall under the same criteria as other industrial and commercial
wastes.  The standards are in 40 CFR 261.  There are some specific
exemptions from specific parts of the regulations applicable to lab wastes,
which have the effect of allowing SOME mixtures that include hazardous
waste to be disposed to lab drains that go to wastewater treatment,
particularly industrial wastewater treatment facilities.  However, these
exemptions are very narrow and restricted.

If you have a copy of 40 CFR 261 and have read it a couple of times
through, then call or e-mail me, I will be happy to  walk you through the
lab specific portions that relate to laboratories, exempting some of the
waste streams from regulation.  Other than the exemptions, all laboratory
waste that would otherwise  be hazardous waste are hazardous wastes,
including mixtures of hazardous waste and other lab wastes.  The exemptions
allow some wash and rinse waters  to be disposed to sewer under limited


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