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RE: Starch Recovery in waste water/Food Processing Roundtable

I just recalled a talk by a Frito Lay representative at a Region 7 P2
roundtable about a year ago. They collected starch from their wastewater and
sold it as starch for laundering/ironing purposes to a commerical starch
company! This may provide a lead. I'll check through files to see if I can
come up with a name or state, but maybe someone else who attended can recall
this. The Roundtable was held either in Iowa or Kansas.
>From:  Cherrie Bates[SMTP:cbates@max.state.ia.us]
>Sent:  Wednesday, September 17, 1997 10:38 AM
>To:  p2tech@great-lakes.net
>Subject:  Starch Recovery in waste water
>We have a client who would like to eliminate starch from their
>wastewater discharge.  I need information on Starch Recovery, or
>conversion to sugar, or dehydration techniques, etc.
>I have searched Envirosences Technical Database, Water online, and DOE
>P2 clearinghouse and GNET.  I found information about a liquid cyclone
>system.  Anything else you could suggest?
>Please reply to:
>Cherri Bates
>Iowa DNR