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Re: HyperSolv -Reply

I found the answer to my second question:  The flash point of n-propyl
bromide (CAS 106-94-5) is 57 degrees Farenheit.  As to the first
question, MSDS I found says, after may be harmful by inhalation,
ingestion, or skin absorption,  "to the best of our
knowledge, the toxicological properties (of 1-bromopropane) have not been
thoroughly investigated.  Under ecological information it says "Data not
yet available". 

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On Mon, 15 Sep 1997 NorthTec@aol.com wrote:

> I assume you are thinking of carcinogenicity or toxicity, of dibromo
> cyclopentane [BDCP]. And that you are concerned that one would be trading
> ozone depletion for
> carcinogenicity / toxicity. 
> The advantage here is that there is no tradeoff: you avoid ozone depletion
> potential / carcinogenicity / toxicity, and you get familar performance.  The
> TLV is not a super high number as we enjoyed with some CFC's, but it is
> within a reasonable range as solvents go, and one that we are generally
> accustomed to managing.