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Re: p2/energy

To those who are interested in energy savings thru P2

Coors Beer makes around 4;000,000, 000 cans a year. They have shifted from
conventional solvent containing inks and coatings to UV cured inks and
coatings which contain no solvents. This is top notch P2 performance.
Furthermore, these coatings and inks are cured rapidly and completely by the
UV light. They require no ovens for the cure and no oxidizers to destroy
solvent VOC's. The electical energy required to run the UV lamps is about
 equal to the electical energy that was formerly needed to run the conveyors
in the drying ovens (now completely eliminated). Coors saves all the money
that used to go into gas energy in the drying ovens as well as potential new
costs for energy to run incinerators. This involveds millions of dollars a
year !!!

This is only one example in which the use of UV and electron beam curing of
non-polluting , non-solvent coatings, inks, adhesives and related materials
are reducing energy consumption as well as reducing pollution. 

For further information and examples contact:
RadTech International  N.A.
Phone: 847-480-9576
E-mail: UVEB @ radtech.com

TTTTThis is only one example where UV and electron beam curing