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Re: 2nd P2 Info. Request

Help me understand your question.  Are you discussing P2 options for the
manufacture of turbines, boilers, process heaters etc or are you talking
about the operation and use of this equipment.  What applications are you
interested in the options for.  Boilers for central utility heating
applications, or boilers used to generate process steam or boilers used to
generate electricity.  Are you discussing turbines to power a ship or
turbines to pump water or turbines to generate electricity.  The same type
of applications apply in process heaters, air to air, water to air, water to
water etc.  
At 07:31 AM 9/19/97 -0400, you wrote:
>     What are the P2 options for turbines, boilers, process heaters?
>     We want to make sure that rules currently being written by EPA
>     P2. 
>     But we need your help!! 
>     Are there cleaner technology alternatives? any case studies? contacts of 
>     who may know what options exist?
>     Please send any relevant info. to:
>     Felice Stadler, Clean Air Network, 1200 NY Avenue, NW, Suite 400, 
>     Washington, DC 20005, fax: 202-289-1060, phone: 202-289-2403, email: 
>     fstadler@nrdc.org.
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