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Re: Autobody spray booth odors

** Orig: 09/26/97 10:00 am  ** 
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Re: Autobody spray booth odors 
** Reply: 09/26/97 10:37 am ** 
** DLAWR: D. Lawrence       ** 
We've had similar complaints in the past, in the Northwest 
Indiana area.  I have gone out for a "test" on several 
occasions, and could not come up with any migrating odors.  
With the new technology mandated by the auto refinishing RACT 
(HVLP, enclosed cleaners, compliant coatings, etc.) there is 
much less of the solvents to produce the odors.  I'd look to 
see if there was a pre-existing feud between these neighbors, 
or some other personality conflict.  David Lawrence, Indiana 
Dept.  of Env.  Mgmt., 504 No.  Broadway, Suite 418, Gary, IN 
46402; (219) 8816720, e-mail dlawr@opn.dem.  state.in.us.