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Paint Solids Recovery

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in getting this info out to those who are interested in
paint solid recovery.

The Caterpillar, Track Type Tractor Division in East Peoria Ill has
developed a process to recover paint sludge in a form that can be reused as
an additive to paint. The contact(s) at Caterpillar are George Mitchell or
John Spangler at  309-675-2855.  If you wish I will fax you a copy of the
article about their process which appeared in a March 1996 issue of
Industrial Paint & Powder but I would prefer you contact them directly.
I'm not sure if Cat intends to sell the right to use their process or if
they are actually recovering paint solids for others.

The second company is Environmental Purification Industries of Toledo Ohio.
Their telephone is 419-727-0495 and fax is 419-727-0595. EPI is already in
the business of recycling this material.

Another option that helps decrease the volume of this sludge material prior
to any recovery/recycling process is to centrifuge the material to separate
more liquid. This is most frequently accomplished in conjunction with a
water fall type paint booth. The liquid is then reused whether it be water
or solvent.