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Autobody Spray Booth Odors


    If the emissions are released at ground level, or near ground 
    level, perhaps a stack (vent pipe), to release emissions above 
    roof level, might help.  The higher, perhaps the better?
    Has anyone determined if the odor problem is real?  I read a good 
    story about an individual who cronically complained about odors 
    from sewage sludge application on a nearby field.  Reportedly, 
    parking an EMPTY spreader truck on the field received the same 
    If the problem is imaginery, or the complainant is sensitized to 
    the odors, plain auto or diesel truck engine emissions might set 
    them off.  Could there be odors from other sources for which the 
    paint operation is being blamed?  Gas pumps?
    About the only other method, P2 aside, for eliminating odors is to 
    run them through a "treatment" unit prior to release.  In colder 
    areas, now that fall is upon us, windows tend to be closed more 
    often minimizing such complaints.