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Re: FWD: Substitutes for phosphorous washes/paints

Dear Venessa,

I will send you a repoprt on how to solve the problem of oil and grease in
their wastewater if that is the problem.  This assumes they are using a
surfactant/iron phospatizing degreasing/surface preparation bath.  The
approach we have found, in-process removal of the oil and grease, has been
successfully employed by similar companies and often saves money in the
first year.  if the company needs more technical help, please feel free to
give me a call.

Gary Miller

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>Did my original message ever post? I didn't receive any responses so I'm
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>Subject: Substitutes for phosphorous washes/paints
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>Hi: I am attempting to answer a query regarding the use of phosphate
washes.  A 
>steel parts manufacturer in PA uses a liquid spray wash consisting of
>which is used to prep steel prior to painting.  The phosphate helps the paint 
>adhere to the steel. However, they are having difficulty meeting local
>limits. Are there any 
>	a. substitute products available which can be used for this purpose?
>	b. Is there a different process that can acheive the same result which 
>is waterless and does not result in VOCs?
>	c. substitute paints that can skip this washing process altogether but 
>results in good adhesion to steel?
>Thanks for your help.
>Deirdre T. Lehman
>reply directly via P2 tech or 
>call 717-772-5160 or 
>email at Lehman.Deirdre@1.dep.state.pa.us
>or write:
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>Harrisburg, PA  17105
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