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Re: Ohio Waste Prevention Coalition

Great idea!  I suggest you also contact, among others, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful
(Linda Holterhoff)(they have a "Use less stuff" program), Hamilton County Solid 
Waste District (Karen Luken or Merideth Yankow), and Cinergy Corp. (Vince 
Griffth or Dawn Harvey-Horth).  Hamilton County and Cinergy are our partners in 
the "Waste Free Fridays" initiative.  Also, you may want to include the 
Cincinnati Earth Day Coalition (Debra Vorst is the Chair).  That group is made 
up of various government, business and citizen organizations and is spearheading
a recycle at public events effort in Hamilton County and Cincinnati. Also Bonnie
Kroger at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Bruce Suits

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Subject: Ohio Waste Prevention Coalition
Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at INTERNET
Date:    9/30/97 9:06 AM

I'm trying to determine the level of interest in starting a new 
It would be modelled after the National Waste Prevention Coalition and 
the Northwest Waste Prevention Coalition. It would be an informal 
organization of people in the waste management field in Ohio. There 
be no official membership list and no dues. The mission would be : To 
undertake consumer source reduction projects that make a difference in 
Communication would take place mostly through conference calls and 
I'm hoping that such an organization's activities would jive with the 
participants' current job responsibilities. So, additional funding would not 
be necessary.
Let me know what you think.
Vanessa Smith
Ohio EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention 
(614) 728-1262