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Re: Ohio Waste Prevention Coalition

You might also contact CAMP, Inc.  You can reach Joe and Mary Chadbourne 
(they contract for CAMP and will know the drill) at 216-543-7303.  CAMP 
is a manufacturer's group that has been involved in chlorinated solvent 
reduction projects, among other things.

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
Process Profiles
P.O. Box 8264
Calabasas, CA 91372-8264

> Great idea!  I suggest you also contact, among others, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful
> (Linda Holterhoff)(they have a "Use less stuff" program), Hamilton County Solid 
> Waste District (Karen Luken or Merideth Yankow), and Cinergy Corp. (Vince 
> Griffth or Dawn Harvey-Horth).  Hamilton County and Cinergy are our partners in 
> the "Waste Free Fridays" initiative.  Also, you may want to include the 
> Cincinnati Earth Day Coalition (Debra Vorst is the Chair).  That group is made 
> up of various government, business and citizen organizations and is spearheading
> a recycle at public events effort in Hamilton County and Cincinnati. Also Bonnie
> Kroger at the Cincinnati Zoo.
> Bruce Suits
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> Subject: Ohio Waste Prevention Coalition
> Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at INTERNET
> Date:    9/30/97 9:06 AM
> Hello!
> I'm trying to determine the level of interest in starting a new 
> organization.
> It would be modelled after the National Waste Prevention Coalition and 
> the Northwest Waste Prevention Coalition. It would be an informal 
> organization of people in the waste management field in Ohio. There 
> would 
> be no official membership list and no dues. The mission would be : To 
> undertake consumer source reduction projects that make a difference in 
> Ohio. 
> Communication would take place mostly through conference calls and 
> e-mail.
> I'm hoping that such an organization's activities would jive with the 
> participants' current job responsibilities. So, additional funding would not 
> be necessary.
> Let me know what you think.
> Vanessa Smith
> Ohio EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention 
> vanessa.smith@epa.state.oh.us
> (614) 728-1262