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RE: Recreational Boat Maintenance

Janice, 2 of my colleagues at RTI have been working on P2 for the fiber
reinforced plastics industry. Their work was not directly applicable to
your problem (it was aimed at the initial boat manufacture rather than
repair), but they suggest that you talk to the editor at "Professional
Boatbuilder" magazine, which is for people working in design,
construction and repair of boats.  One of the editors, Paul Lazarus is
very knowledgeable in the P2 technologies for boat industry.  

Paul Lazarus
Professional Boatbuilder Magazine
P.O. Box 78 Brooklin, ME 04616

If you want to learn more about the fiber reinforced plastics work that
RTI did with EPA, you can contact Mark Bahner (bahner@rti.org) or Emery
Kong (ejk@rti.org).

Melissa Malkin

Melissa Malkin
Pollution Prevention Program
Research Triangle Institute
POB 12194. Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709-2194
(ph)   919-541-6154       (fax)   919-541-7155

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> Dear P2 Techsters:
> I would appreciate any tips, fact sheets, etc. on pollution prevention
> options for boat maintenance.  We are particularly interested in sail
> boats.
> Thanks - Jancie Hatcher
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