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RE: Recreational Boat Maintenance

When I took Bob Pojasek's P2 course we looked into boatmaking and repair as
a possible group project.  Bob referred me to someone he know who was very
involved in P2 for the industry but I don't recall his name.  Try emailing
Bob <bpojasek@sprynet.com> and asking about it.

Also, a great reference for marinas, including boat repair, is EPA's
Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Nonpoint Pollution in
Coastal Waters (840-B-92-002), issued January 1993 by EPA/OWOW.  Chapter 5
"Marina and Boat Operation and Maintenance" describes BMPs for various
aspects of these operations.  The focus is on nonpoint discharges, but there
are numerous references to more general marina and boat building/repair

--Jeff Cantin

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