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Re: For the G_Whiz oil recycling guy...

Hi Jeff!

Thank you for the press release!  I met the guys from Allied Signal who
invented the washing technology in November of 1996 at the SEMA show in
Las Vegas.  They thought my product for draining used motor oil bottles
was pretty cool, and used it for Earth Day demonstrations in their
plant.  They even sold a hundred or so to their fellow employees at
their cost.

A few months later, the Cal IWMB announced the grant to FixCorp for a
dirty MRF sorting and cleaning test program.  I called FixCorp and
discussed their system.  I then called my friends at A-S, who were
having a hard time getting interest in their cleaning process, told them
about FixCorp, and gave them Mr. Delaurentiis' phone number.

So, I guess I'm the one responsible for this whole thing.  

I'm glad to be helping the cause, and I'm happy that the problem of used
motor oil bottles is getting some press.  It seems to be one of the most
ignored problems in the environment.  Not even the EPA (I've called lots
of people there) has ever looked at the impact of used motor oil bottles
and the reasons nobody tries to recycle them.  My estimates of used
motor oil bottle production are a bit higher, at 3.43 billion.  My
per-bottle residue is about the same (1+ ounce), so the two figures
multiplied together show that over 137 million quarts of perfectly
usable motor oil are wasted in the United States every year, mostly in
That's 3 1/2 Exxon Valdez oil spills.  EVERY YEAR.

Auto mechanics have known about this waste since the beginning of motor
oil.  My patent search showed oil container drainers going back to the
1910's, and a molasses bottle drainer going back to the 1890's.  It
wasn't until just recently that this problem started to get some notice
by environmental people.

On the same subject, my company has received an order for 66,500 BOB
units from the State of South Carolina, for use in their pioneering used
motor oil bottle recycling program.  They were impressed with our
product (BOB, the Bottom Of the Bottle Oil Recovery System) because it
drained the oil from the plastic whether or not the plastic was picked
up for recycling or sorted out at a dirty MRF.

One thing that a lot of people in the environmental world don't realize
is that many recyclers will take used motor oil bottles right now, if
there isn't oil dripping out of the plastic.  A recycler in Long Beach
California has a system already in place to recycle used motor oil
bottles commingled with other pigmented HDPE.  He can begin accepting
more used motor oil bottles in the mix IF the bottles have been drained
for an hour.  I did some testing recently, and discovered that 99.5% of
the oil in a bottle comes out within one hour of inverted draining.  If
anyone is interested in seeing the graph I produced from these
experiments, please contact me.

My congratulations go out to the Allied Signal folks and the people of
FixCorp.  Let's get some plastic recycled!

The G-Whiz Recycling Guy

Gerard Forgnone, Owner
Plastic Oil Products
4869 S. Bradley Rd. Ste 18B-258
Santa Maria, CA  93455
BOB Homepage:  http://www.netcom.com/~g-whiz

>Jeff Cantin wrote:
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>       Fix-Corp International, Inc.;  Worldwide Licensing Agreement with
> AlliedSignal Inc.,
> Federal Manufacturing &   Technologies Revolutionizes HDPE Container
> Recycling & Motor
> Oil Recovery
>       BEACHWOOD, Ohio, Sept. 30 -/E-Wire/-- Fix-Corp International, Inc.
> (Nasdaq EBB:
> FIXC) announces a worldwide licensing agreement with the Federal
> Manufacturing &
> Technologies business unit of AlliedSignal Inc. (NYSE: ALD), giving Fix-Corp
> the rights to a
> patent pending process for separating motor oil from the high-density
> polyetylene (HDPE) plastic
> containers that consumers commonly use.  Fix-Corp believes that this process
> will have a
> tremendous impact on HDPE recycling, motor oil recovery, and a move toward
> cleaning up
> landfills.
>      Earlier this year, Fix-Corp was awarded a $256,868 Research Grant by
> the Integrated Waste
> Management Board of the State of California, to help develop a solution for
> the massive problem
> of non-recyclable HDPE motor oil containers. Mark Fixler, Chairman/CEO of
> Fix-Corp
> International emphasized, "There are approximately 2 billion motor oil
> containers being
> deposited annually in US landfills alone.  Each container has approximately
> 1 oz. of residue
> remaining on the inside surface.  Until now, recycling has not been
> feasible.  Disposal of these
> motor oil containers magnifies the existing problem faced by every American
> landfill; handling,
> storage, and more critically, this oily residue, seeping into the soil and
> contaminating ground
> water.  The numbers are staggering.  Regarding our own business and
> profitability, we are talking
> about an enormous and previously untapped supply of HDPE from which to draw
> upon.  For
> example, approximately 250 million pounds of HDPE annually (roughly 8
> bottles per pound),
> and in excess of 15 million gallons of recovered motor oil will be available
> for recycling
> annually. Research estimates place an approximate value of $O.15/lb, for the
> plastic and
> $4.00/gallon for the oil.  We anticipate gathering a significant share of
> these oil containers from
> our own units to be located at solid waste facilities and pumping both
> reclaimed materials, the
> plastic resin pellets and the motor oil, back into the economy."
>      Significant factors promoting the Fix-Corp/AlliedSignal alliance are
> explained by FIXCOR
> President, Gary Delaurentiis: "Based on the California Research Grant our
> strategic plan was to
> 1) develop the HDPE/oil separation process, 2) design the necessary
> equipment to support the
> process, 3) build an infrastructure network capable of collecting the
> containers with distribution
> to our recycling facility, and 4) provide education to the public as to the
> importance of proper
> disposal methods of the newly recyclable containers. AlliedSignal read about
> the work we were
> doing at FIXCOR and contacted us with a process already developed by Federal
> Manufacturing
> & Technologies, which manages and operates the US Department of Energy's
> Kansas City Plant.
> AlliedSignal recognized both the commercial and environmental value to
> utilizing the process in
> the private sector and approached us to enter into a licensing agreement."
>      Fixler concludes, "AlliedSignal is recognized world wide as an
> environmentally friendly
> company, a giant in aerospace, and for its long standing relationship with
> the US Department of
> Energy.  This is a significant alliance for Fix-Corp international,
> expanding our focus to the
> HDPE recycling industry."
>      Fix-Corp International, Inc. is a producer of post consumer High
> Density PolyEthylene
> through their 57,000 sq. ft. FIXCOR Industries plastic recycling facility,
> located in Heath, Ohio.
> SOURCE  Fix-Corp International, Inc.
>      -0-     09/30/97
>      /CONTACT:  Mark Fixler, President, Chairman and CEO, 216-292-3182 or
> Bill Buckholtz,
> Company Relations, 216-292-6141/ (FIXC ALD)
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