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Re: Golf Courses

Contact the "Audubon Society of New York State"

Mr. Ron Dodson
Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary
Route 2, Box 131
Rarick Road
Selkirk, NY  12158

Phone:  518-767-9051

This group has been active for years with 
national golf associations and a network of golf 
course operators --- setting up "Cooperative 
Sanctuaries" and helping them reduce and 
eliminate chemical use.   They have a variety of 
materials on Best Management Practices.

The contact info. may be a little dated.

Hope this helps ....

Rebecca Leighton Katers
Clean Water Action Council of N.E. Wisconsin
2220 Deckner Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54302
Phone:  414-468-4243
Fax:  414-468-1234
E-mail:  cwac@execpc.com