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more on golf

I found the following in my email archives, hope it helps...

By the way, re how much is in the library on golf and environment:  I
searched the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library catalogs
over the web using the key words "golf" and "environment".  I found exactly
nothing.  That's why we share info over the listserv!


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I've saved this P2TECH message for two years, hoping someone would ask.  I
hope all of the numbers are still current.

  The USGA has a multimillion dollar research program underway on golf
and the environment.  Contact USGA Greens Section in Stillwater, OK at
405-743-3900.  They can help or can direct you to someone at headquarters
office in New Jersey.  A person to ask for in New Jersey in Nancy Sadlon.

Also, Ron Dodson, President of the New York Audubon Society has
established an Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Program for golf courses which
contains a series of sustainability priniciples which registering golf
courses agree to abide by and are audited for.  Their number is
518-767-9051.  Although much of the focus is on habitat, land use, layout,
and native plants, I'm willing to bet P2 is included in some way.

Mark Haveman