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Re: Golf Courses

> Does anyone know of any Best Management Practice type materials,
> informational brochures, etc. for golf course activities, particularly in
> regard to pesticide application.  Thanks.
> ============================================
> from:
> Jeffery Halsey
> Broward County Department of Natural Resource Protection
> 218 SW 1st Avenue
> Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  33301
> 954-519-1468
> jhalsey@co.broward.fl.us
> ============================================Jeff,

At the City of Portland, Oregon, golf courses are in the administrative 
portfolio of our Parks and Recreation office.  Kathy Murrin with Parks 
and Rec has done outstanding things with integrated pest management, and 
encouraging environmentally preferrable practices within our Parks 
office.  You can reach Kathy at:  503.823.1603.

Margaret Nover