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junk email buster!

As a member of these lists and a self-confessed email addict, I have started
to get an increasing number of junk emails. Don't know how they got my email
address, but now I know what to recommend to anyone with the same problem.
And if you are reading this email you probably have the same problem.

I found a FANTASTIC site at http://www.junkbusters.com/.  It has a huge
amount of wonderful info about protecting your online privacy, including
FREE software you can download to resist insidious attacks on your privacy.
And you will be shocked to find out how much the bad guys can learn about
you when you just click on their web pages!.

Another great site is http://www.privacyrights.org.  It also is dedicated to
helping you keep your privacy.  All the credit report agencies, junkmail
busters, and others are linked there.

Neither of these sites charge anything, they are ad-free, and they can help
you save your online or otherwise privacy.  Hope it helps!

Burt Hamner