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metallic wastes recycling & treating -Reply

The Third-Third LDR Rule was finalized in June 1990.  I'm not sure how
much lag time was built into the effective date.  You might want to bat
this around with some of the "metals" folks in EPA/OSW--such as, Mary
Cunningham, Elaine Eby, Jose Labiosa. 

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>>> "Malkin, Melissa" <mjmalkin@rti.org> 10/14/97 08:24am >>>
> The TRI data from 1991-1995 indicate very large increases in the
> amount of metallic wastes recycled and treated.  Does anyone know if
> this was spurred by a particular regulatory action (e.g., regulation
> of metal-bearing POTW discharges)? Alternatively, have there been
> recent technological innovations in metals recovery or recycling that
> may have contributed to this trend?   
Thanks for any insights you can provide. 

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