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superfund sites

Regis Furtado
811 Constitution Dr.
Brick NJ, 08724
furtado@bellatlantic net

Environmental Research Foundation:

	Your article on ("Superfund Dumps have Excessive Cancer") 
is well thought of and yes conflicts with earlier studies. Landfills,
were created for the needs of cummunities and later for some
commercial waste. They were located in rural area's in the hopes 
that it would remain far from populated area's. 

	With the constent expantion in rural New Jersey communities have 
sprong up in and around hazerdous waste sites. But does the
research continue even now? What about the health effects that 
may be an issue in the not so distant future? 

	I live in EPA region 2 (NJ) the closed Brick landfill was placed
in a sparsely populated area, It is a thriving community with a 150
unit housing development. Did the research take this into account?
Municipalities need ways to increase the tax base.Sites that were
once thougt of as none buildable land, are getting a second look.

	The passage of the New Jersey Urban redevelopment plan,
we will probably see more hazardous sites developed into
communities. I hope you can e/mail me what are your thought's
on this subject. Will hazardous sites that are off the superfund list,
be re-developed into communities? What are the future health risks
that might not serfice now, but in years from now? Should we 
just leave these sites to mother nature and let nature develope
the land as it see fit?