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Re: Environmental Curriculum

I would advise you to contact David Boon with PETE:  they received 1.6 
million (!!!!)  from the US EPA Pollution Prevention Division to develop 
curriculum for community colleges this year.  He should have PLENTY of 
money to support this type of curriculum development.  I do not have his 
phone number, but I believe that he can be reached at the Front Range 
Community College in Westminister, Colorado (a suburb of Denver, 303 
area code) or by contacting the PETE office in Arizona (Phoenix area?). 
 The National P2 Roundtable may have the number as well (202-466-7272).

Pat Gallagher
New Mexico Environment Department
Santa Fe, NM
pat_gallagher@nmenv.state.nm.usDate: 10 Nov 97 19:44:24
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Subject:Environmental Curriculum
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Greetings all:

A colleague of mine is working with one of our center's technical
college partners to develop a curriculum for environmental studies.  Key
areas of focus include: 

	- Environmental management systems
	- Regulatory compliance
	- Emergency planning

Any ideas regarding available curriculum development resources would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Steve Isaacson
Northwest Wisconsin Manufacturing Outreach Center
278 Jarvis Hall
UW - Stout
Menomonie, WI  54751

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