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RE: Environmental Curriculum

The FL DEP has a guide for the automotive repair industry. There net URL


If you can't find the information on the FL DEP site another contact who
should be able to help is Cheryl McKee.  Cheryl is with the P2 section
of the FL DEP S.E. District. Her e-mail is MCKEE_C@WPB1.DEP.STATE.FL.US

Cheryl can probably get a copy for anyone needing it.  Please try the FL
DEP website first.  It will save Cheryl time if you can download the

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>Contact Sue Berhns with the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (319) 273-2079. She
>is the point person for their P2 Curriculum for Vehicle Maintenance. It
>covers many of the topics you indicated in your query.
>Good luck.
>At 02:44 AM 11/11/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>Greetings all:
>>A colleague of mine is working with one of our center's technical
>>college partners to develop a curriculum for environmental studies.  Key
>>areas of focus include: 
>>	- Environmental management systems
>>	- Regulatory compliance
>>	- Emergency planning
>>Any ideas regarding available curriculum development resources would be
>>greatly appreciated.
>>Thank you.
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